X-Wing Wave 9 has arrived! Releases Thursday 9/22/16












The newest data pack is here and on the shelf Thursday!






















The 13th Black Crusade has begun.

















Pre-release events are $25.  Booster boxes are $100 and cases are $540.



Latest Module for D&D 5th edition.

Game of Thrones LCG Called to Arms Chapter Pack


For 10 years Gameology has existed at the heart of the Inland Empire in California.  Originating as a place for people to learn and enjoy all forms of gaming, we have grown into one of the largest event centers in region.

Daily Tournaments

Everyday we have open gaming and competitive play.  Our environment is there for every type of gamer from Super Casual to Ultra Competitive.

Organized Events of all kinds

Most manufacturers offer organized play for their games.  Fantasy Flight, Asmodee, Wizards of the Coast, Konami, BushiRoad, Privateer Press, and Force of Will are only a few of the regular events we run.  Check our calendar regularly to see what is coming up.


This month's White Dwarf has an exclusive download for the Warhammer Total War game.

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Saturdays release is available for pre-order! $120 gets you $380 in Forgeworld product and two never before released units. Both playable in 40k and 30k.

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A very stoic Ben Yu took down our Kaladesh Game Day tournament with Esper Control! Face-off with this champ at our FNM this Friday! #mtg #tcg #magic #gameology #studyoffun #kaladesh

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