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On the list of cards that have massive potential in M19, Satyr Enchanter ranks near the top. It is restrictive, both in deck-building and in the fact that it is multicolored, but the little goat-man can grind and he grinds HARD. Today I am going to explore the possibilities of him in Standard, and what it would take to make him a strong contender.


The Card Itself

Satyr Enchanter is at the sweet spot of 3 mana, which means with Llanowar Elves it can come down as early as turn two. A solid curve of Elf into Satyr puts your opponent to the test early, since if you untap with the Enchanter, you are certainly going to get some value. It only cares about you “casting” an enchantment, so even if they kill the Satyr you are not getting completely 2-for-1’d. Unfortunately, it is relatively fragile. It dies to pretty much all removal, and is unlikely to trade up. If your opponents are playing Shocks and 1-drops, the Enchanter will likely be a bit too small.


Other Enablers:

While Satyr Enchanter is powerful, it is only a 4-of at best, which means you are only about 50/50 to have it turn 3. You can’t pin your whole deck on ONE card without a way to find it, and since Standard is devoid of that, let’s look at some other options.

Assuming we are sticking to a “enchantments matter” theme, here are a few choices in Green/White:

Danitha Capashen, Paragon

Deeproot Champion

Druid of Horns

Sram, Senior Edificer


With two of these being legendary, and the third being likely too far below the curve at 4 mana, the support is shoddy at best, but access to Benefaction of Rhonas means that you can dig to an extent. I would be interested in perhaps 3 Sram and 2 Danitha in a deck like this, but the fact that they are both legendary prevents you from playing too many. The fact that they care about Auras specifically is another limiting factor. Deeproot Champion is something I added to this list later, which I had not thought about. It hits hard when it gets going, and most of this style deck will trigger it.


Key Enchantments:

Any deck like this is only as good as the cards you use to enable them. Here are cards I think are on the list of MAINDECKABLE cards in an enchantment based Green/White deck:

Baffling End

Cartouche of Solidarity

Cast Out

Compulsory Rest

Desert’s Hold

History of Benalia

Ixalan’s Binding

Legion’s Landing

Oath of Ajani

Seal Away

Sixth Sense

Thopter Arrest

Trial of Strength

Unbridled Growth

Of these, Auras seem to have high potential to me. Cartouche of Solidarity, Compulsory Rest, Sixth Sense, and Unbridled Growth ALL gain a lot of value with Sram and Danitha. Cartouche protects against sacrifice effects, so I find it especially valuable. Legion’s Landing also gains a significant amount of power, though the fact that the token dies to Goblin Chainwhirler is a real problem.

Cast Out and Seal Away are also strong contenders, since they are both instant speed removal spells that trigger the Enchanter, and see play in their own right already.


Decklist and Further Discussion:

Here is a possible decklist you could play:

Creatures (16):

4 Llanowar Elves

2 Sram, Senior Edificer

4 Deeproot Champion

4 Satyr Enchanter


2 Danitha Capashen, Paragon

Instants and Sorceries (6):

4 Blossoming Defense

2 Benefaction of Rhonas


Enchantments (16):

4 Seal Away

4 Cartouche of Solidarity

4 Cast Out

4 Unbridled Growth


Lands (22)

4 Scattered Grove

4 Sunpetal Grove

2 Hashep Oasis

6 Forest

6 Plains


Ah, there’s a card in this list I didn’t mention. Blossoming Defense is a massive ungrade to this deck, because it protects your important creatures. Since you’ll be suiting up creatures, you need something to make it so you don’t waste your investment. Defense does a great job of this, and can even push some damage if needed. This deck is heavy green based, which gives it a lot of value. The mana is fantastic, and the 4 tapped lands shouldn’t impact you too much, especially since they cycle in the late game.

Another way you could take this deck is to make it Naya—or even Red/White, though you would have to cut the Enchanter, who I adore. Red offers a few options that I’ll talk about another time, but here’s a couple:



Champion of the Flame

Valduk, Keeper of the Flame

Of these, Champion beats down VERY hard, and demands auras to enable it. With Danitha, there is a lot of potential here.



Cartouche of Zeal


The Auras are redundant, and there are more like this, but I don’t know that the value they bring is worth the damage to your manabase.


To conclude, Satyr Enchanter has a LOT of potential. The sideboard options for this deck are off the charts, but I don’t have time to talk about them all tonight. That being said, I don’t think this deck is QUITE there yet, but perhaps there is another shell that would work. With Magic returning to Ravnica, I think there is a lot of potential for Green/White cards to gain value. I may try a couple matches with a deck like this at Gameology’s FNM, just for fun. Speaking of Gameology, you can pick up all these cards in store! Support articles like this by checking us out. <3 Stay tuned for next time!

~Cassady O’Reilly-Hahn