Enhancing Gameplay – Unique Events Coming to Gameology

Hey All,

Andrew here. I wanted to tell you all about a project we have been working on here at Gameology. We strive to provide you with the best gaming experiences possible, so I wanted to be the first one to invite you to our Enhanced Games events! Over the next few months, we will be testing and launching a new series of games (board games, roleplaying games; even card and miniatures games, eventually) in which you’ll do more than just “play” the game. In these events, you’ll have an experienced game master running your board or roleplaying games. They will be adding new narrative elements to your favorite games in order to switch things up, along with other amenities and prizes/trophies!

To start off, we will be trying out a trio of games that we here at the store love. Every Saturday for the rest of the month, we’ll be running an Enhanced Game in our private room: first, we’ll be hosting Twilight Imperium on the 12th, then a CADRE roleplaying session on the 19th (run by the designer!), and finally we’ll be having a Formula D race day on the 26th. Next month, we’ll be continuing some of these events and adding new events to the roster, based how you, the player, responds to them.

Twilight Imperium: Saturday, 1/12, 12:00 PM – 1 Ticket

Claim your place among the stars, and join us in the Twilight Imperium.
Scott Crandall defends the Mecatol Rex-ing Ball trophy in the first event of the New Year. The Twilight Imperium universe literally revolves around Mecatol Rex, and Scott earned his title without his troops ever setting foot on the world itself.

In our inaugural game last year, we had six races represented, and many stunning upsets kept the players on high alert. We invite you to help us achieve the goal of getting all 17 races to the tables at once and guide the galaxy to unparalleled greatness. For those who are interested, you can lock in your race of choice by pre-paying for the event. The choices will be on a first-come, first served so don’t dilly-dally (though Scott, our Defending Champion, gets first choice).


CADRE: Drawn Sixguns: Saturday, 1/19, 1:00 PM – 2 Tickets

CADRE: Drawn Sixguns presents you with an opportunity to be a part of the next evolution in tabletop experiences. The Character And Director Roleplaying Experience (C.A.D.R.E) takes you into the Wild West to engage in a whole new level of social roleplaying. CADRE is the first and only game of its kind. It literally raises role-playing to the next level with an ensemble-cast character creation, Attribute and Skills-based conflict resolution mechanics, and cinematic conflict-resolution. This will be your next Role-playing system, and you’ll never look at RPGs the same way afterwards.

Here’s the scenario of Drawn Sixguns. It’s 1867. The town of Tombstone is being squeezed between the Gold Rush and the great Land Grab. You’ll either be riding with the baddest hombres west of the Pecos, or taking up arms to bring them justice. Whether you’re playing a few hands of Poker or driving some cattle to the railhead, you’ll find new ways to make your moves in this game!

The designer is looking for six playtesters to help him figure refine the experience for future gameplay. Don’t miss this opportunity to get some great roleplaying in and leave your mark on an upcoming RPG system!


Formula D: Saturday, 1/26, 1:00 PM – 1 Ticket

The practice session is over, and the teams are ready to go. For this Formula D event, we will be racing 5 laps with one Mandatory Pit Stop—just to make things interesting. The game’s elegance and beauty is a thing to behold, so I highly recommend you come check it out. No experience is necessary to play, but show up a little early to get a quick rundown on the rules of the game—that way you have an idea of what to do when you get behind the wheel. Those of you who want to participate can send a personal message to Jonathan Albin, the coordinator of the event, if you want to get a Speed Lesson in the game mechanics ahead of time and to learn about the Enhanced Play option for the 2019 Racing Season.

Our first foray a little while ago had a few racers, and having a three-lap race refreshed the rules. With five laps this time, there will be even more room to maneuver. Come get behind the wheel and charge to the front of the pack! This first race will be on the Monaco track but we will be changing things up for future events. We will be choosing Drivers soon, so make sure you get signed up early! Will you be the first to hoist Gameology’s Speedster Cup?

Enhanced Games Page Here

Ticket Purchases Here

I can’t wait to see what comes out of our Enhanced Games this month! Let me know your thoughts on these games as you play them, that way we can continue to build on and improve player experiences. Until next time!

~ Andrew Narzynski