Kill Teams has released, and been received with a ton of excitement by our War Game crowds. The Starter Set is a fantastic campaign-based game, both for new players and veterans. You will have the opportunity to taste-test many different factions for only a box or two, where normally you would need to invest in many more models to play even a small game of 40K.

There is also a campaign setting that allows you to increase the skills of your team and build them out. This means that you can set a higher level of competitive play as you scale your armies. Currently, there are 4 factions available that have dedicated boxes:

Drop Force Imperator – Astra Militarum Starter Set

Fangs of Ulfrich – Adeptus Astartus Starter Set

Krogskull’s Boys – Orks Starter Set

The Writhing Shadow – Tyranids Starter Set

There are also data cards available to further develop your gameplay. One of the key takeaways from Kill Teams is that you can use your old models to field the game, or purchase the troop box to get started! The Core Manual is a hot seller, which we already sold out of in store, so MAKE SURE you’ve prepaid in store for an order on our restock!

~ Kevin Gaffuri

Further Reading: You can read about the Games Workshop official Kill Teams announcement here.