Welcome back everyone! Today, we are going to look at some of the green cards in M19 as they relate to sealed play. I’m not going to look at cards like Vivien Reid because if you are playing red, you are playing this card. I’m going to take a look at the Removal, Questionables, and Traps, as well as the general strategy and playstyle.



Vivien’s Invocation: Starting out with a clunky spell that is only as good as the creatures you are playing. That being said, this is effectively removal with a body, which is huge if you can get there. At 7 mana, that’s a lot, but you should probably play 1 of these.

Plummet: I usually am ok playing 1 Plummet in my main deck, though not happy. If you can’t deal with fliers, it is a necessary evil, but otherwise I would try for something else.

Rabid Bite: As usual, green has the worst removal. But, removal is still removal, and this card gets the job done. Likely something you should play if you have it.



Elvish Clancaller: Unlike in other formats, you probably aren’t going to have a high density of playable elves, and this needs those to function. If you have 8+, this could be worth it, but I would avoid it.

Gigantosaurus: I know. I want to play it too. You HAVE to be mono green to do that, otherwise it simply isn’t going to be castable, and because it doesn’t have trample, I don’t really think it is that worth it.

Prodigious Growth: Unlike most Auras, I think this is probably good enough. They have to kill your creature before this resolves, otherwise it is going to kill them. 7 hasty power is nothing to scoff at, though it is a steep price.

Blanchwood Armor: This card has the same restrictions as Gigantosaurus, since it must give +5ish to really shine and overcome the cost of potential 2-for-1’s

Colossal Majesty: This card is probably great because of the size of green creatures. That said, if you don’t get 2+ cards out of it, it isn’t going to be really worth it, so you need to have a high density of large creatures to get away with it.



Scapeshift: I don’t care if you don’t want to draw any more lands. This card isn’t designed for limited play.

Root Snare: Game one, this card is quite bad. If they are a Trumpet Blast strategy, this seems quite good, but if they just have bigger creatures than you, it doesn’t matter if you prevent damage…because you’ll still have smaller creatures next turn.

Wall of Vines: It’s just a wall, and worse than Plummet at dealing with fliers. You should avoid this card at all costs.



Another core set, another day for big green idiots. Green is split much like blue in its strategy though. There is the classic “play big guys, win the game” plan, where you focus on accelerating. Then, there is the subplan that you can pair with white, where you focus on Auras. I’m not hot on this one, but the pay off cards are real and highly worth enabling. I would want 4 of those before I move in with something like Oakenform or Talons of Wildwood, which at uncommon is unlikely, but not unheard of.


Today’s the first day of prereleases, and the day Gameology has the most of them! You can still preregister online for our Sunday prerelease, or in store for any of the remaining ones. Hope to see you there!


~ Cassady O’Reilly-Hahn