Hello everyone! I recently got the chance to play Star Wars: Rebellion. I’ve been meaning to try it for a while because it boasts a diametric gameplay style, similar to Android: Netrunner—which is one of my favorite games. After playing the game through, I feel like the Empire has a massive advantage with a huge fleet and tons of resource production to create more units. On the other hand, the Rebellion seems to be playing cat-and-mouse with next to no forces but a lot of mobility.

The goal for the Empire player is to find the hidden rebel base and destroy it, either by eliminating all Rebel forces there or by blowing up their planet with the Death Star. The Empire player can continuously reduce the possible locations for the Rebel base by expanding galactic control, and they can also remove planets from the probe deck—which is used to manage where the base is and where it can move to.

The Rebels simply need to survive long enough in order to overthrow the Empire. At the start of the game, they need to last 14 turns but they can reduce that number by completing missions. They do have the ability to move the Rebel base, but a smart Empire player will limit that ability early on.

Overall, the gameplay for Star Wars: Rebellion is smooth. It does drip the “Star Wars” feel that people have come to either love or hate, but the only real drawback is that it’s a longer game with a decent learning curve. You will want to play it 2-3 times to really get a good feel for it. If you have a play group that likes to dedicate time to longer games, this is definitely one for the library.


~ Kevin Gaffuri


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