X-wing has just launched their 2nd edition, bringing in a few new changes, but in essence it is the same game that you have come to love.

One of the most important changes to improve gameplay has been the increase in ship maneuverability. Many ship dials saw an increase in the number of flight choices, and, more importantly, many ships now have small maneuvers such as Barrel Rolls. These extra movements really makes it feel like you are in a battle between nimble starfighters. They let you line up shots or avoid enemy fire in a new way. Part of this can also be seen in the new rule for linked abilites. Certain ships have the option of performing one action, such as Focus, and immediately gaining the benefits of another, like target lock. Most times however, this will end up adding Stress to the ship.

The addition of the Force ability is impressive. It allows players to represent Force-sensitive pilots, and can be used similarly to the Focus ability-but it can be used multiple times. The ability can also regenerate to let you use it again later in the game. I will not be surprised to see squadrons including at least one pilot that can wield the Force.

Importantly for Matched Play, the points system has seen an overhaul. Lists are now capped at 200 points, with ships and upgrades seeing similar point bumps. That said, don’t expect to find any point costs on the cards. All that information can be found on the free Squad Builder app (both for IOS and Android) or website. This will allow for the rules team at FFG to quickly and easily change point costs of ships and upgrades as needed to stabilize the metagame. Never fear though, casual players-quick build rules have also been included. These Quick builds have an number of pre-generated pilots and upgrades with different threat levels, allowing players to put lists together quickly (hence the name) and get their ships flying on the table.

Finally, the different eras of the Star Wars movies are being divided up between the different factions. The Galactic Empire is now fully separate from the First Order and the Rebel Alliance and the Resistance have parted ways as well. But keep a look out on the horizon, two more factions are being added to the game in the near future, both from the Clone Wars era!

~ Jimmy Campbell

You can pick up a copy of the X-Wing 2.0 Core Set here!