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The new year is coming along and Gameology wants to send it off in style! We’ve got a New Years Sale starting Friday 12/28 and running through Friday 1/4. We’ve also just restocked some of the hottest party games available, so we’ve compiled a list of games to help you pick out a sure fire winner for your NYE festivities. Finally, in case you’re like me and gaming is your festivity, we’re actually bringing in the new year, here at Gameology (details below).

New Years Sale

20% Off

  • Splendor
  • Orbis
  • Race to the New Found Land
  • Patchwork Express
  • Anchors Aweigh
  • Runewars – 20% off Minimum (bundle pricing available at register).
  • SW Legion – 20% off Minimum (bundle pricing available at register).
  • Dungeon of the Mad Mage
  • Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica

25% Off

  • Betrayal Legacy
  • Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate
  • Dragon Heist

30% Off

  • Monsterpocalypse Protector & Detroyer Starters
  • Founders of Gloomhaven
  • My Little Scythe
  • Detective
  • Masque of the Red Death
  • Reef
  • Fallout: Wasteland Warfare (Skirmish War Game)
  • Scarabya
  • Fallout (Board Game)
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Lucidity: Six Sided Nightmare


  • Doomtown – Buy one starter and get one free + 25% off special orders.
  • Highlander – $5
  • Wonderland – $5
  • Kumasi – $5
  • Mercante – $17.99
  • Dominare – $17.99
  • Pressure Matrix – $17.99
  • Ninja – $8.99


Don’t forget to stock up on party games for your New Year’s festivities! All of these games either feature large player counts and/or are great for less experienced gamers. 

  • Coup – You’ve got one or two hidden roles but you can bluff to use any role. Hilarity ensues, especially if you play blind to your own cards.
  • Resistance – Accomplish missions as the resistance while loyalists try to sabotage the proceedings.
  • Shadow Hunters – No one knows who’s on their team until you start fighting each other. This is a hidden role game with more board components.
  • Formula D – A great racing for up to 10 players, Formula D is easy to get into but hard to master and has tons of options to add customization to the game once your group is familiar with it.
  • Timeline Challenge – Solve timeline inconsistencies in this larger-scale version of the classic, Timeline. Same great experience with a larger player count.
  • Dixit – A guessing game where the clues are super-interpretive cards that don’t mean anything, in of themselves.
  • Mysterium – As above but solving a murder. Clue with surrealist clues.
  • Colt Express – Race to rob a train while everyone is punching and shooting each other. This game involves planning your turn without knowing everyone’s final placement and actions.
  • Captain Sonar – Battleship on steroids, split into two teams to man the 4 positions on subs hunting each other. Hunt for the Red October approved.
  • Cash & Guns – A classic party game, Cash & Guns comes complete with foam pistols to point at each other when it comes time to divvy up the loot.
  • Masque of the Red Death – A game set, literally, at a party. Solve the mystery, avoid dying, all while courting the nobles to actually earn points.
  • The Mind – Sync your minds together with your friends. This hit seller is technically simple but will leave you frustrated and elated as you try to play cards in numerical order without communicating. Can be played with more players than the box says.
  • Werewolf Deluxe – This classic plays any number of players. Play as villagers trying to root out their shapeshifting neighbors.
  • Codenames – Split your party into two groups to play this best-selling party game. The spymaster on each team gives clues to elicit correct guesses from their team. Guess wrong and you might lose it all for your team!
  • Codenames Marvel – As above but Marvel superheroes.
  • Codenames Harry Potter – As above but Harry Potter references.
  • Betrayal at the House on the Hill – Explore a haunted house with your friends until one of you turns against the team!
  • Meeple Circus – Perform circus tricks by literally stacking wooden components.
  • Unlock! – A series of escape room-esque adventures, devilishly tricky.
  • Lovecraft Letter – A hidden role game with added madness!
  • Seven Wonders – A classic drafting game, build your empire in three ages, like Civilization but much faster.
  • Slapshot – Draft your hockey team in this quick, strategic hockey game.


Nerd Year’s Eve @ Gameology

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We’ll be ordering food and popping bottles (sparkling cider).