A Board Gamer’s Guide to Black Friday – 2018

We’re going crazy with savings this Black Friday at Gameology! I’m going to round up a few of the best board game purchases you can make and maybe spoil a few discounts! Help us make some space for all the new releases still coming out this year.


Big Deals:

  • Reef – 25% Off ($29.99) – Reef is a hot new game, similar in gameplay to games like Splendor,
  • Takenoko – 30% Off ($34.99) – A cute game with solid mechanics, Takenoko pits you against other players in a race to build a garden, grow bamboo, and feed the panda! This is a delightful light strategy game that I’ve enjoyed with children and adults alike. Pick up the Chibi expansion (also 30% off) for extra cuteness!
  • Fallout – 35% Off ($38.99) – This is a lot of game for $40. Fallout is more of a exploration, dungeon crawler, and role-playing experience than a strategy game. With tons of tiles, cards, and a handful of miniatures, it’s got a bunch of replay-ability too! It sold out on the first printing but we got a bunch of copies on the second printing so we’re offering it at a nice discount! There’s an expansion coming out for it before the end of the year too.
  • My Little Scythe – 30% Off ($32.49) – A streamlined version of Scythe, meant for a younger or less experienced crowd, My Little Scythe is a lot of game for just over 30 bucks. Scythe is easily one of the better games to come out in the last few years and they’ve simplified it and added fluffy critter characters to play. Pick this up to play with the family!
  • Dice Forge – 35% Off ($27.99) – Dice Forge is a really innovative game that allows you to build dice as you play, literally replacing sides of the dice with cooler ones you choose. If you like dice games but want some more control over what you roll, this is the game for you.
  • Founders of Gloomhaven – 35% Off ($45.49) – Follow up to the smash hit, Gloomhaven. This stand-alone game features the same murky setting as the original. Players actually build the city of Gloomhaven up from the barrens in Founders of Gloomhaven. This game comes with a lot of cardboard and wood for this low low price!
  • Abyss – 40% Off ($35.99) – Abyss was one of my favorite games a few years ago. It’s a set collection game where you collect follower cards to purchase Lords that score you a bunch of points and give you cool abilities. This is a game that we still play a couple years later.
  • Orbis – 25% Off ($29.99) – Orbis is another new game that we’re discounting, lucky you! Orbis features a neat tile laying mechanic that you use while you build a world and amass followers. It has similar gameplay to Splendor (in an abstract sense).
  • Rising Sun – 25% Off ($74.99) – Rising Sun comes with a bunch of miniatures to play an amazing game. It looks like Risk but it actually features practically no chance; it’s an area control game that includes combat. We’ve got a couple copies left from after the Kickstarter, along with some expansions for them. It’s all on sale! Pick these up if you want a great game or even if you just want a bunch of samurai, monks, dragons, and demons!


Clearance and Damaged:


  • Five Tribes – $34.99 (Damaged) – Five Tribes is considered a classic and we’ve got a damaged copy that’s being heavily discounted to make space. At almost half off, this is a heck of a lot of game for your buck. Five Tribes has you playing mancala on a square board, moving in any direction, with meeples. It’s a great game that’s easy to play
  • Alien Artifacts & City of Iron – $25.99 & $32.99 – Two great games that we’ve had on our shelves for a long time! Both of these come from publishers I love, Portal Games (GO POLAND) and Red Raven (this guy designs, illustrates, and publishes games by himself). You won’t be disappointed if you buy either of these titles, we just need the space!
  • Phase – $27.99 – I got to playtest this card game a while back; it’s got really cool mechanics and you get everything you need in the box. Phase features double sided cards! This is a fun game to test your mettle against. Meant for multiplayer, this game takes Magic the Gathering concepts and adds a whole bunch of extra layers, since you’re flipping your cards back and forth during the game.


Ok! That’s all for today. Hope to see you in for our Black Friday sales!

~ Andrew Narzinski