As we close in on the SoCal Open, taking a look at the highest levels of competition seems like a good idea. The release of 2nd edition and all the different forms of living spells on the field, the game has definitely changed—for the better. There is a more diverse field than prior to the updates, though Grand Alliance Death seems to be hitting the top fields.

The Nova Open from a short time ago had an interesting Top 10. 4 different factions of Chaos placed, with Blades of Khorne taking the top spot wrapped around the Council of Blood and 3 Bloodthirsters. 3 of the Death armies were Legions of Nagash and 1 Flesh Eater Courts. The remaining two spots went to Order, held by two different elf factions, Idoneth Deepkin and Daughters of Khaine.

First I’ll look at the Chaos lists. All of them were different factions. Blades of Khorne, Disciples of Tzeentch, and Maggotkin of Nurgle took 1st through 3rd respectively. Each had battalions wrapped around larger models (Greater Daemons of the respective Gods). Coming in 10th place was Skaven which had some high end units and only one horde unit of Clanrats. The rest were warpfire teams and other elites. It seems hordes were not what won the day for Chaos.

For Death, Nagash did not hit the field as often as I expected. He was only in one of the lists. Despite seeing a lot of big models, Dire Wolves and Grimghast Reapers were common. The Flesh Eater Courts army had 3 Abhorrent Ghoul Kings on Terrorghests and Arkhan the Black. So there were no massive horde lists.

Finally, the elves. Idoneth Deepkin, a brand new faction to Age of Sigmar, had several big monsters. Vulturnous and the Eidolon were in the list with a few units of Akhelian guard. I was happy to see that my favorite of the new books, Daughters of Khaine, made an appearance in the top 10, too. They were the only horde out there with tons of Wych Aelves and some of the Khinerai Heartrenders. Also, there was Morathai and a Cauldron of Blood backed by several leaders.

The time of the big scary monsters is here. Age of Sigmar has become more exciting with the new lists hitting the top tiers and not seeing the same few things on the field over and over again. Gameology will be starting an escalation league soon, so make sure you are a part of our War Games group on Facebook, when we announce it!

~ Kevin Gaffuri