Throne of Eldraine is here! To celebrate, Gameology is hosting 2 Leagues: One aimed toward casual players, the other to competitive players.

The Casual League:

In this Casual League, players earn rewards by participating in events. When are events? Here’s our weekly schedule.

Weekly Magic Events:

Sunday – Pauper – 1:30 PM
Monday – Brawl Battles – 6:30 PM
Tuesday – Modern Magic Tournament – 6:30 PM
Wednesday – Standard + Commander – 6:30 PM
Thursday – Booster Draft – 6:30 PM
Friday – Standard FNM & Modern FNM – 6:30 & 6:45 PM
Saturday – Historic Tournament / Monthly “Premium” Events – 6:30 PM

How to Sign Up:

Just come in store and talk to an employee! We’ll take your information down and track events you sign up for!

What does playing in this league get you? Well, there are two kinds of casual players: Those new to the DCI, and those who are already established.


New DCI Players:

Any player that gets new DCI number from Gameology can get these rewards (if you already have one, check out our recruitment award):

  • At 6 events – x1 Core 2020 Booster Pack
  • At 16 events – 100 SCG Sleeves
  • At 32 Events – x1 SCG Playmat

Current DCI Players:

Recruitment Award:

This reward is for players who “activate” new players for us. WOTC defines “activate” as when a player who just got a DCI number plays 6 sanctioned MTG events in a year. That could be Commander, Standard, or heck, even a Booster Draft. When your activated player hits 6 events, you get a free Core 2020 booster pack.

Tiered Participation Rewards:

These are surprises, but it’s easy to earn ’em, just show up! 😉

  • At 32 Events – Reward Tier 1
  • At 48 Events – Reward Tier 2
  • At 80 Events – Reward Tier 3
  • At 106 Events – Reward Tier 4

Please note there 112 events in the season.