Exploring the Darkness

Just because Halloween is over, doesn’t mean that all your scary games should be shelved! The Arkham Horror Card Game is a co-operative Living Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games. It currently has 3 different campaigns fully published and a number of stand alone adventures. Not only can you explore the mysteries of the classic setting in New England, but you can also trek through the swamps of New Orleans, the rainforests of Mexico, the deserts of Egypt, and even into the Dreamlands!

Playing the Game

To play the game, each player builds a deck for a particular Investigator that they choose ahead of time. Investigators come in a wide diversity, such as FBI Agent Roland Banks, drifter “Ashcan” Pete, and shaman Akachi Onyele. Each Investigator falls within one of five Archetypes in the game: Guardian, Mystic, Rogue, Seeker, and Survivor. Usually the Investigator’s decks will only include cards of these types, but many Investigators allow for a small selection of other Archetype cards to be included as well. As Investigators gain experience by successfully completing the scenarios, they can change their decks by swaping out cards for others and even upgrading some to more powerful versions.

Aside from surviving, the goal for the game is to gather enough clues to proceed through the scenario before the Doom counters accumulate and end the scenario. Location cards create a sort of map that the Investigators move around on, gathering their clue tokens and either fighting or avoiding enemies. Doom tokens accumulate every turn and can sometimes appear from other sources, so time is of the essence for the Investigators to accomplish their tasks.

The Arkham Horror LCG is a great way for new and experienced players to explore the setting for FFG’s Arkham Horror Files. It can play as a campaign with players using the same Investigator though a set succession of scenarios, tweaking their decks as they go, and it works equally well for single use standalone games. It balances itself well as you add players, and even avoids being overwhelming as a single player game!

~Jimmy Campbell

Editor’s Note: You can pick up the Arkham Horror base game and all the expansions in store anytime!