Flexibility and Precision – Miniatures Carrying Case Review

When it comes to the transport and storage of miniatures, it is imperative to protect them. Not only do carrying cases protect player’s monetary investment into their armies, but also the time investment that many players have put into their models. Often, players put days if not weeks into painting an army, which is a major time investment to lose to improper storage.  Foam carrying cases are the most popular way of securing these models, as they are designed keep armies safe from damage and wear.  While there are many companies that make these cases, I’m going to highlight the two brands that are most popular at Gameology: Citadel and Battle Foam.

Citadel Cases

                Citadel is the hobby arm of Games Workshop and is responsible for their paint line, brushes, assembly tools, and carrying cases.  Currently, the foam design they use allows for different size models to be fitted within the same frame, using flexible rows of foam.  This allows you to use a tray filled with troops to be altered so that it can fit a tank without having to completely replace the foam.  The cases themselves come in different sizes, and are designed so that the trays will be compatible with all of them, allowing you to stack them easily. If you are looking for a tough yet malleable case to support a number of your armies, the Citadel cases will work perfectly for you.

Battle Foam Cases

                Battle Foam is touted as the traveler’s case ideal for those flying to different conventions.  While maintaining a soft covering, the sides have a hard core that allows for x-rays. This composition allows them to stay cushioned enough to survive enthusiastic baggage handlers, meaning armies don’t have to worry about being crushed.  Battle Foam also excels at specialty trays.  It has contracted with many miniature companies, making special trays to exactly fit the types of models for those games.  For those players with very unique models with unique silhouettes, they can send Battle Foam a traced outline of the model and get a laser cut tray of that outline. If you want a highly personalized carrying case, Battle Foam is a step above everything else out there.


                Both of these companies are expensive on the whole compared to something you might find at a hardware store, but the extra investment is definitely worth the protective qualities.

~ Jimmy Campbell