Gameology is going all-out for the release of the next Keyforge set, Age of Ascension. We’ve had a great community playing sealed, Chainbound, and weirder formats here at the store since Keyforge’s release and we’re recruiting new players every week!

Age of Ascension is coming out with new starters, decks, and playmats! We’ll be running at least two big release tournaments, Thursday and Sunday, and a whole bevvy of specials and bundles on product.

  • Thursday Specials:
    • Tournament & Starter: Receive $5 off your tournament entry if you buy a starter.
    • Tournament, Starter, & Box of Decks (12): Enter the tournament for free if you buy 12 decks and a starter.
    • Discounts for buying boxes of decks, extra discount if buying a starter.

Thursday Release Tournament

3 Deck Sealed Draft
Entry: $30
Each player will open 3 decks, leaving the shrink wrap on the deck but removing the cardboard box. Each player will select a deck and pass the remaining decks clockwise around the table. This will continue until each player has 3 decks total.
During the Tournament, players will play best of 1 rounds, choosing which of the three decks they want to use (in the first round). Once a player has won with a deck, they may not use it again, unless they have won with all three decks (in which case they reset).
Bonus prizes will be awarded based on attendance and how many decks players have won with.
First place will receive a playmat. Additional prizes handed out based on attendance.

  • Sunday Specials:
    • Buy 6 decks to enter the tournament for free.
    • Discounts for buying boxes of 12 decks.

Sunday Chainbound Tournament

Entry $10
This will be a competitive, Chainbound tournament where you can use the new set. Learn & practice the new set between Thursday night and Sunday, then test your mettle against some of our best players.
Playmats, Decks, & Store Credit awarded as prizes, based on attendance.