Top 10 Reprints in Ultimate Masters

Ultimate Masters is one of the best reprint sets we’ve had in recent years. While Iconic Masters and Masters 25 were a bit of a let down, Ultimate Masters promises some of the best (and most beautiful) reprints Magic has to offer. Removing the format restriction that sets like Modern Masters had has allowed Wizards to add more expensive reprints. This is my ranking for the Top 10 Reprints in Ultimate Masters.


The Top 10

10 – Gaddock Teeg

A staple sideboard card in both humans and Bant Spirits and was over $40 at one point due to the low print run that Lorwyn had.

9 – Ancient Tomb

Being one of the best lands ever printed, Ancient Tomb is a staple in Legacy, seeing play in decks like Show and Tell as well as Eldrazi—both of which have seen a huge boost in play after the last banned list.

8 – Back to Basics

Back to Basics is a staple in Legacy Miracles, either in the main deck or the side board. This card can just shut out games in legacy like Blood Moon sometimes does in Modern.

7 – Liliana of the Veil

Liliana of the Veil is of the best planeswalkers of all time. She is still one of the most expensive cards in Modern, along with most of the cards above it on this list.

6 – Tarmogoyf

The jokes about the price of this card are not unfounded, despite this being its 5th printing. Tarmogoyf still sits around $60. This is a staple in green-based midrange decks for Modern, G/B and Jund both got a slight boost with Guilds of Ravnica thanks to Assasin’s Trophy being a main deck answer to Tron and pretty much any other permanent that might be an issue.

5 – Snapcaster Mage

Snapcaster Mage is a staple for control decks in both Modern and Legacy. I think keeping the prices of staples for “fair” decks in Modern at a reasonable price is a big help in keeping the format interesting, since many of the degenerate combo deck that make games of Modern less fun are often much cheaper to build.

4 – Karn Liberated

Tron has been a top deck in Modern for a long time and despite the MM15 reprint of Karn, he has remained the most expensive card in the deck—reaching nearly $100 at one point.

3 – Cavern of Souls

This is a must have for most competitive tribal decks, Humans and Bant Spirits are the main two that make use of this card in Modern but Elves, Merfolk, and Eldrazi also pop up from time to time with up to 4 copies of this registered.

2 – Noble Hierarch

This is a 4-of in both Humans and Bant Spirits, both of which are in the top 5 decks for Modern. It is one of the most expensive cards in the deck, right up there with Cavern of Souls. I’ve placed Noble Hierarch above Cavern of Souls on the list because it is also played in other green decks, like the Collected Company decks and Infect, both of which have been on the rise lately.

1 – Engineered Explosives

EE is a relevant sideboard card for most decks because it is an answer to almost any type of threat. It really spiked in price recently because it is a 3-of in the main deck of KCI (Krark-Clan Ironworks). This is the kind of card in Modern that has the flexibility to slot into many different decks without impacting their general gameplan too much, which is why I’ve put it as the #1 reprint on this list.


Honorable Mentions

I’d like to give an honorable mention to Vengevine and Bridge from Below, which would be a lot more exciting if Dredge didn’t just get a huge boost, making the Bridge-Vine deck a lot worse in Modern due to the huge amount of graveyard hate that sees play.


Wrap Up

The key cards that were left out of this set that are expensive enough to warrant a reprint are Mox Opal, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Horizon Canopy, and Dark Confidant. Both Jace and Horizon Canopy have had recent reprints so they aren’t too surprising but the lack of Mox Opal is disappointing if they don’t end up banning the card soon. It is a must have for artifact decks like KCI and Hardened Scales Affinity, both of which are top decks in Modern and about half their price is in the 4 Mox Opals that haven’t been reprinted since Modern Masters 2015. That said, Ultimate Masters is looking fantastic. The box toppers make for a LOT of fun for collectors like myself, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some. Gameology will be having Drafts for Ultimate Masters this evening, check out our Facebook page for more details. ‘Til next time!

~ Sean Armstrong

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